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Corporate Services

British Homecare Business provide premium on-site healthcare services for businesses in Mauritius. This includes

  • On-site Doctor’s Visit
  • On-site Vaccinations
  • On-site Blood Testing

Happier, healthier and more productive workforce

We provide a full range of corporate healthcare services, including corporate wellbeing packages, medicals, on-site services, crisis management and occupational health. Through our highly flexible approach, you can arrange a ‘tailor-made’ or ‘mix-and-match’ programme to ensure you have the perfect system in place for your business.

Better business

  • Happier Workforce

  • Healthier Worforce

  • Greater performance

  • Reduce Absenteeism

  • Lower medical insurance cost

Offer your customers a World Class Healthcare Service

We aim to provide an enhanced service that strives to deliver a truly premium healthcare service to hotels and international events hosted in Mauritius.  Hence, our aim is to deliver a world class care service for your customers visiting and working in Mauritius.

On-Site Emergency Service

Whether it is a small injury or mild sickness, British Homecare Nurses or Doctors will attend to your guests regardless of the time.

If one of your guests is injured and require amdmission to hospital, a qualified and skilled care staff will arrange transport for your guest from the care facility back to your hotel to provide essential support during an often-stressful time.

Business Services

  • wheelchair


    – Door to Door private transport with staff escort*
    – Support with hospital admission and discharge
    – Medication collection

    * Transport excludes ambulance service

  • nurse

    Nursing Care

    – Administering injections e.g. vaccinations
    – Post-surgical return to work support
    – Wound Care

  • doctor

    On-Site Doctor’s Visit

    – On-site consultation
    – Medication Prescription
    – Medication Delivery
    – Health Monitoring

  • medical-history

    Health Check & Blood Testing

    – On-site Blood Testing
    – Registered Laboratories
    – Responsive and reliable
    – Express result service

Why us?


British Homecare brings World Class Health & Social care services to your business and helps you achieve your business objectives which is to deliver a premium experience to your employees and customers.

Your Business

  • Wider range of service at minimal cost
  • Access to benefits from referral scheme
  • Improve business brand
  • Improve customer care experience
  • Integrated service with British Homecare®
  • Improve employee satisfaction

Your customers

  • Premium service experience during a crisis
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction
  • Improve customer experience
  • Reduce customer anxiety
  • Multilingual staff

Setting new care standards

for Residents | Employees | Tourists

Risk Management

British Homecare employs a comprehensive risk management program to mitigate potential risk, exposure, or liability wherever possible. A detailed risk assessment is devised for all patients during the initial assessment with our care coordinator or care manager.


British Homecare employs highly trained, experienced, and licensed individuals to support clients’ needs. Each member of our staff has a minimum of 2 years’ experience in their field and has been put through British Homecare’s rigorous training and vetting process.

Relevant Licenses & Qualifications

British Homecare’s staff team are fully registered and qualified to provide the services listed. Relevant licenses and qualifications include:

• Registered Qualified Nurses
• Registered Qualified General Practitioners
• Licensed Laboratories

British Homecare guarantees that licenses, qualifications, CPDs and registrations are maintained at all times.

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